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I created this community as a way to combine all of my favourite communities into one. I wanted this to be a place where anyone can come to ask something they want or need to know, or get advice on a particular matter. When I say anything goes, I mean that.

Drama and/or flaming will NOT be tolerated, and offending persons will be removed from the community. The idea is for all posting members to feel comfortable doing so, without the threat of being attacked.

Cuts should be used if the post is very long, if there are pictures involved, or if a particular topic is NWS (not work safe) and should be clearly indicated if the material behind the cut should not be viewed at work. I would also suggest cuts for things that not everyone would want to read about, like female problems, or something that might make someone else squirm. I'm hoping that all of you can be mature enough to use your own discrection on these matters.

With that being said, I would like to give some examples of things that may be posted about in this community.

-relationships of any kind (family, romantic, friendships, etc)
-health and skin care, fitness, etc.
-domestic type things (recipes, home questions, etc)
-political/religious/moral debates ARE permitted, but only if everyone involved can be mature and accept that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. i don't want to take this privilege away, because i enjoy reading the points made by others.
-music/entertainment anything. reviews, questions, etc.
-anything asking for advice. support systems are good, and sometimes advice is best given by a stranger who is not involved directly in a situation.
-interesting links and other communities may be promoted here.
-anyone offering services (icon making, banners, web/journal designs, etc or anything else you want to do)
-you are also permitted to advertise anything you are selling, ebay or otherwise.

I said anything goes, and I really do mean that. I think that if we get enough diverse people in one place, everyone can learn a lot from each other. Remember that saying, "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all?" yeah, drill it into your head before you comment with anything offensive in someone else's post. Feel free to contact me at the address provided if you have any questions or a complaint about another member.

Also, tell your friends about this place if you think they can handle the responsibility of being an adult in a community for mature people.

Community opened at 10:04 a.m. CST, 9 February 2005.